Columns [noun]

Definition of Columns:

line, procession

Synonyms of Columns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Columns:


Sentence/Example of Columns:

Within were the park and the deer, and the mansion rearing its brilliant columns amidst the redundant groves of a Spanish autumn.

He stood still an instant, hidden by the porphyry columns of the portico.

Those soaring columns held up the very sky, and their foundations made the earth itself swing true.

When the main French columns were deployed, Lannes, with the remnant of his indomitable corps, had a brief period of rest.

The first and second companies fired volleys to cover the advance of the other columns.

As it had columns for recording statistics of the fair for a period of years, it was instructive as well as ornamental.

The men who print newspapers search closely for a bit of 'news,' and so your simple story got into the columns of my weekly.

The columns advanced cautiously towards the town in anticipation of a fierce resistance and, it was hoped, a fight to the finish.

Simultaneously, Generals Hale and Wheaton were coming forward with their columns, each having had some hard fighting on the way.

The insurgents were under cover the whole time, and their assembled thousands could hardly be seen by the attacking columns.