Comatose [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comatose:

He was comatose for a week before he ultimately succumbed due to the physical trauma.

The anger and rebellion had been comatose in these years of freedom, but the maturer brain was the more uneasy, at times appalled.

Just after the comatose condition which follows an attack of epilepsy patients are also prone to be very irritable.

He is then quite sure that he will be transported in a comatose condition to the occult reunion.

He looked rather 'comatose,' as Tante called him, except when his botanical emotions were aroused.

In the next bed on the right-hand side was a man who appeared in a comatose state.

The dog had bound a leg each of Jim and the chair together, and had sunk into a comatose slumber.

The driver, who from the moment of the mishap had remained comatose, shook his reins feebly and we jogged forward.

Many much more recent poets seem to have achieved their hugest popular successes whilst in a comatose state.

She was in a comatose state most of the time, and when she roused seemed quite ignorant of what had happened.