Combatants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Combatants:

The boats were then pulled close to one another, and each combatant endeavoured to push his antagonist into the water.

In one minute from the signal for retreat the top of the hill did not contain a single painted combatant.

General Lee simply said the town was non-combatant; that he would not occupy it, nor would he allow any one else to occupy it.

As a combatant, a warrior, a reformer, his person and character somewhat change.

How strange that such an encounter did take place sooner than either white or red combatant dreamed!

Little Katy laughed outright, as the idea of this Lilliputian combatant presented itself.

Mrs. Wylder was in a quiescent condition, non-combatant, involving no real betterment, occasioned only by the absence of impulse.

This is but a duel, in which one combatant seeks the other's life; war means much more, and is far worse than this.

It should have brought Major Burleigh too, but that appropriately named non-combatant never showed outside.

Other circumstances of military life tell more against medical officers of regiments than those whose duties are merely combatant.