Combated [verb]

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Gade, a 25-year Army veteran who lost a leg in combat in Iraq, had courted speculation that he would run for governor after teasing a forthcoming “major announcement” in a tweet Friday.

With gargantuan temples and cliffs and regions viewable from miles away, the “Immortals” map looks like a high-definition, 3-D “Super Metroid” map, filled with combat and puzzles.

Of those, about four are devoted to combat training, which including firearms safety and nonlethal weapon training.

Jones says he hopes someday there won’t be any need for Warfighter — that kids will stop getting maimed in combat and he’ll have provided a controller to every single person who needs one.

The combat designers sit together, the level designers sit together.

It marked a new direction for the series, introducing deeper role-playing mechanics and an entirely new form of combat.

Growing your brotherhood, which is basically an army of assassins that you can call upon whenever to help you in combat, was a really fun addition.

The choice in how to approach combat or stealth is yours, and there’s fun in either path.

The ceiling was not too low for Marines to fly in combat, but flying POTUS was obviously something very different.

Sir Robert again combated the details of the bill, arguing that they tended to the destruction of the British constitution.