Combativeness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Combativeness:

Bassett's jaw was square and firm—power was manifest there, unmistakably, and his bristling mustache suggested combativeness.

Then the priest realized that she meant fight, and all his combativeness leapt, as it were, to meet hers.

But it was necessary to comprehend the exact sense of words: what we call combativeness implies contempt for death.

The combativeness of Peter was mingled in a remarkable manner with prudence.

Grif was stronger now, and having relapsed into vagrancy, felt himself at liberty to indulge his organ of combativeness.

Jack could always arouse her combativeness by criticizing, or—as now—by coolly taking her for granted.

So do I. I have combativeness very strong, and I hate being beaten by anyone in anything.

This trait arises from developed Combativeness and Destructiveness.

First comes Combativeness or the quality of "tackling" obstacles.

They'd trained nervous sensibility into him, instead of energy and combativeness.