Combed [verb]

Definition of Combed:

arrange hair

Synonyms of Combed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Combed:

Sentence/Example of Combed:

These can be a bit sturdier than an individual, adjustable guide comb, and often work better for longer beards.

So a frequency comb in visible wavelengths might be composed of light with a wavelength of 500 nanometers, 510nm, 520nm, and so on.

Just be careful not to mix and match the cutters and combs when you put them back together since they are arranged in matching pairs by the manufacturer.

At the same time, larval comb jellies also began to disappear.

Javidpour and her team collected comb jellies, both adults and larvae, from Kiel Fjord.

He leaves orders that these fellers behind are t' comb the country till he calls 'em off.

His hair relieved this somewhat, for it was white and always stood gaily on end, defying brush and comb.

The red comb on the top of his head has teeth like a carpenter's saw, and is so large it will not stand up straight.

The poor beast has no ears left and his mane is all notched like an old broken comb; but Roger loves him.

The objects in the engraving are probably the shears, comb, ladle, and an unknown instrument used for cleansing wool.