Combinations [noun]

Definition of Combinations:

mixture, blend

Synonyms of Combinations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Combinations:

Sentence/Example of Combinations:

It would be interesting to know whether there is any general preference as between these two combinations.

Excellent as he was as cavalry commander in the field, Murat had no head for great combinations.

Certain other structures are stained only by combinations of the two, and are called neutrophilic.

Meadows began to play inner planet combinations that occasionally paid, though at short odds.

Depression of these key-touches brought different combinations of stops into use on the keyboard above which they were placed.

These illegal combinations in America were obviously what caused the inconveniences of which the merchants complained.

It is merely the transition of matter into new forms—into combinations which are subject to new processes.

Some combinations of metals possess the quality of relatively great expansibility.

Would it be more difficult for Him to create combinations of matter from which results thought, than spirits which think?

Statutory powers were obtained for the provision of hospitals in the Metropolis by combinations of boards of guardians.