Combines [verb]

Definition of Combines:

connect, integrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Combines:

Sentence/Example of Combines:

Indol is absorbed and oxidized into indoxyl, which combines with potassium and sulphuric acid and is thus excreted.

Perkins cleared his throat and began: Diotti combines tremendous feeling with equally tremendous technique.

In the first case, the oil rapidly combines with the oxygen of the air, this being accompanied by great heat.

It combines and employs in its manifestation the method and material, not of one art only, but of all the arts.

A man no more overcomes his circumstance than oxygen overcomes nitrogen when it combines with it to form the air we breathe.

By far the most common variety of paragraph is that which combines two or more of the other forms.

Everything combines to mark the reign of Elizabeth as an epoch in the history of England.

The sanctuary end is rich and solemn, has a finely-elaborate and sacred tone, and combines in its construction elegance and power.

A poem will please more people if it combines the pleasant with the profitable.

If there is any individual who combines within himself the vices of an entire species it is he.