Combining [adjective]

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Joseph Guarnerius appears to have endeavoured to produce the grandest tone, combining majesty and refinement.

Imagination is a term used to represent the power which the mind has of combining ideas previously received.

This variety is produced by combining in different manners the verse lengths, and by changes in the succession of rhymes.

In some of his sacred pieces he is particularly successful, combining real poetry with genuine religious fervour.

Beautiful effects were produced by combining marbles of different tints, and the Romans ransacked the world for striking colors.

He was thus a political leader as well as a religious teacher, combining the offices of judge and prophet.

At first Napoleon (p. 056) thought of combining it with Prussian Poland to form a kingdom.

Now, as posture and location have already been studied, what is the use in here combining two categories into one?

Phosphorus has the property of combining with lime and increasing the lime assimilation.

It was impossible to expose national foibles more gently than by combining them with national virtues.