Combustible [adjective]

Definition of Combustible:

able to be exploded

Synonyms of Combustible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Combustible:

Sentence/Example of Combustible:

It is very combustible, burns with a pale blue flame, and is converted into water.

Finally all the combustible portion of the fort was burnt to the ground, 12 cannon were captured, and about 60 Moros were slain.

At such moments, there was something brooding and combustible about him that gave one the sensation of walking over a mine.

There was something so combustible and wild in his attitude, that, there, at least no one was under illusions as to the danger.

There was no greater foundation for this than for Newton's celebrated conjecture that the diamond was combustible.

I firmly believe that life as now manifested in our bodies is a combustible force identical with that of any other form of life.

I've been worried about having him sit near the gasoline tank, it brings his hair so close to a high combustible.

The first is the more cleanly; the last the more combustible.

The whole neighborhood was ransacked for wood and other combustible materials, and willing hands kindled the fire.

This combustible was concealed with great care in the captured ships; like the red-hot shot, it had been found useless in battle.