Comedian [noun]

Definition of Comedian:

funny person, often professional

Synonyms of Comedian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comedian:


Sentence/Example of Comedian:

William Oxberry, the comedian, died by apoplexy, the consequence of over living.

James Ulett, formerly of New York, became quite celebrated a few years since, as a comedian.

The leading comedian was said by the papers to be receiving a salary of a thousand dollars a week.

In vain you may know him to the core—know him a liar, a comedian—he manages always to get the better of you with his stories.

M. d'Hannetaire, the father of these young women, had begun life as a comedian in Brussels, and was now manager of the Monnaie.

Consummate liar and comedian, or true man and no pretender, his eyes did not falter.

In the month of March, the decease of Mr. Liston, the comedian, attracted public notice.

She could scarcely reconcile this acute, self-contained man with the enthusiast and comedian she had seen in the Cure's garden.

In Molire's time, the profession of a comedian was but lightly esteemed in France at this period.

Here I had been patting myself on the back, thinking I was some pumpkins as a comedian, and my negative destroyed.