Comedies [noun]

Definition of Comedies:

funny entertainment

Opposite/Antonyms of Comedies:

Sentence/Example of Comedies:

Users say they just want to be able to continue creating and watching video clips featuring users lip synching, dancing, and doing short comedy skits.

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, in creating comedy content remotely.

It’s been a mission and an adventure, it’s almost like a comedy.

It was sort of a comedy of errors, a series of mishaps, just poor medical advice, and obviously I accept responsibility.

The neighborhood is bordered by tree-lined Halsted Street on the north side of the city and is home to comedy clubs, theaters, and a young and vibrant nightlife.

Did he at all intrench upon your Sovereignty in Verse, because he had now and then written a Comedy that succeeded?

The play may be pure comedy, comedy-drama, tragedyeven farceor melodrama.

She laughed at the comedy and wept—she and the gaudy woman next to her wept over the tragedy.

It was a comedy on both sides, but it remained a comedy so long as those papers were not forthcoming.

I could not avoid meeting you, and I felt I could not play a comedy of lies as to my reason for not being able to go to Kamenka.