Comeliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Comeliness:

For this common sharing of a common comeliness among them there was a reason.

He had considerable to show, for his tiny plantation was a model of thrift and comeliness.

Men, she knew, did not make fools of themselves from a purely artistic appreciation of feminine comeliness.

"Surely the price of the cloth wanted to perfect the comeliness of the garment cannot be much," said the vicar, almost woefully.

His courage was gone, his garb was squalid, and the comeliness and clearness of his countenance was utterly obliterated.

The boy's calm assurance of success pleased her, and his unusual beauty attracted her, as all personal comeliness invariably did.

He saw no beauty, comeliness, or loveliness in the character of God as represented by the teaching of the various religious sects.

She had a woman's instinctive partiality for comeliness in a man, and was very fond of Phineas Finn because he was handsome.

Nature had been very good to him, making him comely inside and out,—and with this comeliness he had crept into popularity.

These were slatterns, not wholly lacking in a certain comeliness, and eyed the visitors with shy curiosity.