Comely [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comely:

She turned her comely face to him and he saw smiles round her lips and laughter in her eyes.

Her comely face contrasted pleasantly with the full chin, which bore a trace of the commanding expression of her mother.

Not (one would say) from either his father or his mother, who were both, to judge from their portraits, very comely persons.

In due time Mr. Chittenden returned, accompanied by a comely mulatto woman about forty years of age.

The specimens of type and the woodcuts you have shown me promise a very comely little book.

The Shepherd, who was as wise as he was comely, had proper regard for her rank and danced in her honor to his own piping.

Here Commissioner came with his wife and daughters, the eldest being his wife's daughter is a very comely black woman.

Here I saw Mrs. Betty Pickering, who is a very well-bred and comely lady, but very fat.

He is a comely and well-made man, and his wife a very little, but pretty comely Dutch woman.

But your dreams, Leonard, if I remember, were mixed up with a comely damsel; and there is none here.