Comers [noun]

Definition of Comers:

one with promise

Synonyms of Comers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comers:


Sentence/Example of Comers:

To the boys imagination, the new-comer seemed a visitant from a fairy world.

As they walked along, Oliver glanced from time to time with much interest and curiosity at the new-comer.

It is only after obtaining a satisfactory answer to these questions that they associate with the new comer.

"Well, I'd engage to show the gentlemen something a sight more interesting than this," the new-comer continued.

"I claim my rights as a corresponding member of the Double Four," the new-comer declared.

The new-comer drew them on one side, although, as a matter of fact, everyone else had melted away.

"I thought I might possibly put in a word," said the new-comer, glancing from Roger to his friends.

He has sunk considerable capital in it, and it is the new-comer, the workman of the last hour, who will gain the whole profit.

You're only a new-comer, in a kind of way, and you don't need to have the same responsibility as the rest.

The new-comer was Hugh Estill, the son of a wealthy ranchman who lived near, or at least but a few miles further down the valley.