Comforting [adjective]

Definition of Comforting:


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Sentence/Example of Comforting:

Not surprisingly, many of these new collections focus on simple, comforting dishes that don’t require pricey cooking equipment or esoteric ingredients to make.

Her unblinking and sympathetic look at the diverse ways humans come to their final resting places is an oddly comforting reminder of what a compassionate burial can do for the living.

That’s the key question, and it’s comforting to know that researchers are making progress.

There are also some comforting numbers as the effects of the pandemic are different depending on a business niche.

It’s very comforting to think that one person can make things great or terrible.

I rather fear, major, that your method of comforting me is not what the missionary would call orthodox.

That thou mayest bear thy shame, and mayest be confounded in all that thou hast done, comforting them.

All believers may not enjoy this blessing; few may attain to it in any comforting or satisfactory measure; yet it is attainable.

One glance up into the sky over the trees in the Park helped her more than any human comforting.

When, by way of comforting Jaffery, I criticised Doria's outburst, he fell upon me as though about to devour me alive.