Comfortless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comfortless:

Aristide went back to his comfortless lodgings aflame with bewilderment, indignation and despair.

The craft is rude and comfortless in the extreme and so constructed as to be nearly unsinkable if kept off the rocks.

Do you remember the comfortless morrow that brought the first contact with your boy associates?

And he bravely made up his mind to keep up heart and hope, and to weather the comfortless night as best he could.

The day grew misty and comfortless, and towards evening the wind rose to a storm.

The train started, and the shivering passengers resigned themselves to a comfortless ride.

Yet even this feature was not the most comfortless in the case.

One would think it impossible to exaggerate such a picture of comfortless neglect.

You know now how melancholy it makes me sometimes to think how ill and comfortless you may be, and I so far away from you.

From the beginning Thou hast never been without a witness in the world, and Thou hast never left us comfortless.