Comforts [noun]

Definition of Comforts:

good feeling; ease

Opposite/Antonyms of Comforts:

Sentence/Example of Comforts:

God comforts his church, promising to protect her for ever: he expostulates with the Jews for their ingratitude.

It was patent, however, that she felt herself entitled to physical comforts after the labors of her day.

In the creature comforts provided at Ballinasloe the working staff was not forgotten.

The truth is, in giving up the idea of guardian angels and similar beliefs we have given up some of the greatest comforts in life.

Does the third class passenger get one-fifth, even one-tenth, of the comforts of his first class fellow?

The inhabitants seemed happy, and to possess some substantial comforts.

As to the comforts for the men, those you sent by post have arrived, but not all coming through the forwarding officer.

The hotel-keepers were too busy looking after the welfare and comforts of tired Americans to take time to discuss war.

Many, of course, preferred to use their earnings to purchase little comforts and luxuries nearer than distant liberty.

Made special note of the lack of mosquito nets, beds, pyjamas and other comforts.