Comfy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comfy:

I dont see my pet Circassian walnut set or my dear comfy old window seat, with about a thousand, more or less, nice downy pillows.

Then they each must climb up and feel the eggs lying soft and snug in their comfy cavity.

Don't I wish we'd run across him in the woods, and were toasting our shins alongside a fire in his comfy little place right now!

An' if yer daon't get rid o' some of it in bein' kind—yer daon't feel syfe nor comfy.

I noticed two dark ships steaming up the little river, but was too lazy and 'comfy' to take any interest in them.

I put the shirt on one side with the photograph, and picked up the dear old comfy bedroom slippers.

Lie back and be comfy, old thing, and I'll give you your pap.

And the little minds in the little heads that were snuggling down amongst the comfy pillows also wondered.

You fellows used to take it so comfy, while I was always fretting, and worrying over my motive power.

We found room in Wa Ssu Kou in the same "comfy" inn as before, and the welcome we received gave me a truly homelike feeling.