Comic [noun]

Definition of Comic:

funny person, often professional

Synonyms of Comic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comic:

Sentence/Example of Comic:

I am collaborating with others to write and art a comic book through which I want to talk to everyone about women’s struggle, and especially focus on menstruation.

He, Gardiner and Montgomery are not alone in seeing a place for science in the comic universe.

It’s not always easy to translate a complex science topic into a comic.

The three were not alone in seeing a place for science in the comic universe.

This gave credence to what’s known as the Bechdel Test, which was inspired by a comic strip drawn by graphic novelist Alison Bechdel.

A small contingent of the members hurried off to applaud the successful comic opera of the hour.

It is curious to note children's first manifestations of a sense of the pathetic and the comic as represented in art.

Perhaps our comic papers have never heard of the Improvement Clubs, or find nothing in them that is humorous.

The fight seems quite funny to me now but, at the time, serio-comic would have better described my impressions.

The sight of them not only fills me with ennui, but I have no intention of presenting your comic papers with material.