Comical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Comical:

Then the boy lifted out the comical little pig, and Squinty found himself inside a large box, very much like the pen at home.

Bob, the boy who had bought Squinty, the comical pig, laughed and clapped his hands.

And from then on the comical little pig learned many tricks.

Squinty heard one man cry, and then the comical little pig dodged under a bush, and kept on running.

The little comical pig was rather lonesome after Slicko had left him, but he was no longer hungry, thanks to the acorns.

The comical little pig and the merry monkey hid under the bush and ate acorns as they watched the circus procession go past.

A most comical sight was the cook, perched on top of his load of pans, pots, and potatoes.

This was said with a comical air of doubt, and a half smile, which sent a ripple of laughter over the charming face.

Gilbert glanced up from the tea-cup he held in his hand, a comical smile passing over his face, though he said nothing.

The hired man, who stayed with the Sitzes all the year around, was a comical genius and the boys knew him well.