Comically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Comically:

GameStop’s stock is skyrocketing to comical levels as part of an ongoing frenzy orchestrated by small-time investors on Reddit and TikTok.

Some of the “Cold War” weapons brought into “Warzone” behave so poorly it’s comical.

The plaintiffs’ arguments in this case would be comical if countless human lives weren’t endangered by them.

The gout is a standard comic disease which Mandeville gives to his lion to make him comically undignified.

The company got into a “peculiar metre” tune at once, and the singing was about the most comically wretched we ever heard.

Bogey heard it also, and involuntarily put his hands on big stomach and made a comically wry face.

Many emotions of the bird were most comically expressed by hammering.

One eye was badly damaged, but the other was frowning at them comically.

And he lowered himself into the easy chair and crossed his legs, regarding me very comically.

"Persist is hardly the word to use," Morris replied, smiling comically, as he readily understood Katy's misgivings.