Commandeered [verb]

Definition of Commandeered:

seize, take over

Synonyms of Commandeered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commandeered:

Sentence/Example of Commandeered:

Because there’s never been a messenger RNA drug on the market before, there was no factory to commandeer and no supply chain to call on.

Between shifts in a covid-19 unit at a nursing home, she commandeered the quietest room in the house, her little sister’s, and walked around holding up her laptop camera to prove the space was clean and cheating-free.

They interviewed Magness multiple times in the proceeding months and commandeered his laptop and phone, which they scoured for evidence of further wrongdoing.

The dog wants to be free of its leash and bound around in the grass with the other dogs just as the girls wanted to break free of my hand to commandeer the playground toys.

State officials who prudently expanded stocks of personal protective equipment were unsure whether supplies would be commandeered by the federal government.

I only hope they wont want to commandeer it for carrying soldiers down to the Serbian border.

"I think I shall commandeer you and your dogcart," he said to Roger.

I am most confident of that, since I am about to commandeer the Poet.

Sherman tried to commandeer those flintlock muskets from the Mexican war--several thousand of them--but Coleman got them first.

The king's messengers could commandeer any subject's property, giving a receipt.