Commandeering [verb]

Definition of Commandeering:

seize, take over

Synonyms of Commandeering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commandeering:

Sentence/Example of Commandeering:

We have even heard of such things as the commandeering of the beasts of an English traveller for Government service.

It was made possible by the Council's course in commandeering to its side the business men of the United States.

They were wrangling about the commandeering of gold and the sjamboking—shamboking, you pronounce it—of Johannesburg refugees.

Stealing has been abolished in South Africa—it is all commandeering now!

They were undoubtedly the best commandeering agents the Boers ever had.

He indicates that peace might be arranged if I will give a guarantee against further horse or cattle commandeering.

The French Army moved in; and, commandeering hotel after hotel, transformed them into its hospitals.

Pickets were now commandeering or destroying every automobile that attempted to pass the main highways.

"It's a good thing Rachel put a stopper on commandeering," commented Delia.

And there was plenty of commandeering done during that dreadful march, or the men would have died of starvation.