Commanding [adjective]

Definition of Commanding:

superior, authoritative

Synonyms of Commanding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commanding:

Sentence/Example of Commanding:

Her tall figure—she was taller than he by at least three inches—was beautiful in its commanding, yet not vulgar, self-possession.

Soon afterwards Cox, commanding the 29th Indian Brigade, came on board to make his salaam.

She did not appear conscious that she had done anything unusual in commanding his presence.

These may be said to be pure in tone, but not possessing the other requisites they fail in commanding attention.

The Marshal's arguments seemed about to prevail when news arrived that Bruyre, commanding the cavalry, was seriously wounded.

Now she imagined herself no longer possessing but entirely possessed; no longer commanding, but utterly obedient.

It occupies a commanding position on a knoll and is surrounded by a group of fine trees.

Her comely face contrasted pleasantly with the full chin, which bore a trace of the commanding expression of her mother.

One of the ladies in evening dress was elderly, her hair quite gray; the other was young and handsome, with a commanding presence.

It occupies a commanding position on a point of land extending far into the sea and almost surrounded by water at high tide.