Commando [noun]

Definition of Commando:

person serving in military

Opposite/Antonyms of Commando:


Sentence/Example of Commando:

The Pretoria Commando had nearly shared this melancholy fate.

Probably also the British had some respect for the prowess of my commando.

Harber's burgher commando was present, but took no part in the operation.

My son is on commando in Free State; the other day he ride thirteen hours and have no food for two days.

Three miles to the right, over a rise and down in a dip, they said there lay the Rouxville commando of 350 men.

What with the guns and the cheering, each Boer commando must have thought the next was pounded to mincemeat.

He further made a treaty of alliance with him, and promised him a commando to help him in case of his being attacked by the Zulus.

Thereupon the whole commando retreated with great haste, the greater part of it going straight home.

On the return of that commando the children who became too weary to continue the journey were killed on the road.

When we had been at Doornberg for one day the Vrede Commando arrived and joined us.