Commemorative [adjective]

Definition of Commemorative:

in honor of something

Synonyms of Commemorative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commemorative:

Sentence/Example of Commemorative:

There is also a tombstone in Folkestone churchyard curiously commemorative of this tax.

For many years the disgraceful commemorative procession was faithfully observed.

The following two chapters were prepared for special occasions commemorative of typical California life.

This was the case in a still greater degree in the triumphal and commemorative arches.

There the first object which met our sight was the little cairn, already mentioned, commemorative of Lieutenant Sholl.

The collection is to be kept separate, and to bear an inscription commemorative of the donor.

A commemorative volume, precisely of this character, was projected by the writer in the spring of 1870.

There is no decoration—some commemorative tablets only—but it is enough.

It is commemorative of the glory of the Archbishops of Rheims.

This square building contains the commemorative tablet, a monument cut out of a single stone of about thirty feet high.