Commendably [adverb]

Definition of Commendably:

happily, pleasantly; capably

Opposite/Antonyms of Commendably:

Sentence/Example of Commendably:

The village itself is commendably old-fashioned and typically English of the eighteenth century.

Mr. Campbell is a stanch democrat and is commendably interested in public affairs, although not an aspirant for office.

Not all—for the family is commendably free from sentimental excesses—but enough to make him comfortable again.

Mrs. Butler had slept some, and very commendably allowed herself to be tea'd and toasted in bed.

Marcia Van Meter winced with sympathy, but her son managed himself very commendably.

The Japanese commercial world has been commendably quick to learn in many directions in the West.

The conditions under which they admit their admirers to their friendship are commendably simple and perfectly definite.

Commendably far away to the north I saw the coastguard hill belonging to Ghren.

Others have also written with much facility, but more commendably perhaps, if they had not written so much nor so popularly.

The inn at Urdon may be small, but at least it is commendably early.