Commendations [noun]

Definition of Commendations:

giving of praise; acclaim

Synonyms of Commendations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commendations:

Sentence/Example of Commendations:

Another is Mr. Higgeson (Higginson), a grave man, and of worthy commendations.

It was thought that her commendations would greatly advance his credit with the king.

The belief of the baneful effect of the evil eye, and of envious commendations, was prevalent in the East.

The letter concludes with 'thus, affter my commendations, I prey God heuu you in his kipin.

Peter Martyr found commendations of ordinary humanity not enough for her.

George received the commendations of the most critical and his name was ranked among those of the greatest architects.

Sir, they are beholding to you, you have given some of them a commendations, they were not worthy of this twenty years.

Commendations from prominent gentlemen will be submitted to your Excellency to justify the appointment.

Her hearers, knowing of Molly's long succession of failures, naturally smiled at these commendations.

Roisia was well, he reported, and sent her loving commendations to all; but the object of his coming was not to talk about Roisia.