Commending [verb]

Definition of Commending:

recommend, praise

Synonyms of Commending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commending:

Sentence/Example of Commending:

Speaking as a Russian and also as one who has travelled all over the world, I say, commend me to England for comfort.

They neither approve nor disapprove, commend or condemn, till they have consulted his looks and his countenance.

Cycling does not appear to commend itself greatly to the Spanish idea of recreation.

That is a philanthropic wrinkle for chapel keepers and other compounders of business and piety which we commend to special notice.

We must also commend Harris for supplying a consistent and relatively believable motivation for the main action.

A devotee of this school of tonsorial art had a peeled look that did not commend him to favorable mention in artistic circles.

In sooth, I make it my first care, that since there is nothing else to commend my letters, that their rarity may commend them.

The editor-in-chief inquired who had written it, and took occasion to commend Harwood for his good workmanship.

They helped her the stairs of the hall to ascend: “Now thee to the powerful Christ we commend.”

Did not even-handed justice erelong commend the poisoned chalice to their own lips?