Commentators [noun]

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Doubtless the commentator habit is fixed in the nature of man; but it was pre-eminently mediaeval.

William Lowth died; a celebrated English theological writer and commentator.

Some scornful commentator has called this doggerel; but I would that all doggerel were as interesting.

I must now give my reasons, as every preceding commentator has given up the passage as hopeless.

Now he appears as a commentator of texts, who claims a monopoly in the solution of all questions of faith and ethics.

Stray and independent facts, it is true, but to be arranged by the hand of a competent and clever commentator.

Casaubon, from an old commentator on Persius, says, that he made a very foolish translation of Homer's Iliads.

Abraham is best known as a grammarian and Biblical commentator, particularly the latter, though his versatility is remarkable.

The office of a Shakspeare restorer and commentator at this time is one of the most ambitious in the republic of letters.

An′notation, a note of explanation: comment; An′notator, a writer of notes, a commentator.