Comments [noun]

Definition of Comments:

statement of opinion; explanation

Synonyms of Comments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comments:

Sentence/Example of Comments:

Also, some ominous comments on what armies spend and what Governments scrimp:—that is ammunition.

Mr. Pontellier scanned the names of his wife's callers, reading some of them aloud, with comments as he read.

There is also very much repetition—the same matter in new dress, is reintroduced for sake of additional comments or applications.

I have very little time for any thing outside my work, he said, running on with his mental comments.

“But you know you like to be robbed for a good cause,” chuckled Amy, who chanced to hear these comments.

Jessie feared that Belle would overhear the comments of Burd and her chum, and she hurried the eating of her second sundae.

He did this to our satisfaction, and as we passed the various institutions his comments gave us a general idea of each.

He paid no attention to the comments, but drove back to the agency, successfully masking the grave concern he felt.

Some of his comments on Homer Smith were not very complimentary, and this emboldened Eloise to tell him who her real father was.

From all sides one hears complaints of hunger and thirst, mingled with comments on present or past performances.