Commercial [adjective]

Definition of Commercial:

concerning business, marketing

Synonyms of Commercial:

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Sentence/Example of Commercial:

A considerable proportion of the industrial and commercial news is now written to an end.

After all this the tobacco leaves may be laid aside for commercial exportation.

The city and commercial suburb of Binondo wore their usual aspect, although trade was almost at a standstill.

The money in the possession of "Commercial depositors" we shall call "till money," and the rest "pocket money."

It is doubtful whether the huge commercial premium that greets success to-day does good or harm.

It may be that the Spanish authorities regarded the West Indian trade as a commercial system rather than as a means of revenue.

The commercial notion is not perhaps quite so distinct here, but the underlying legal relationship is sufficiently marked.

The principle on which the value of any commercial sample is estimated is very simple.

Commercials frequent it; although inquiries have not yet discovered what commercial gentlemen sell at Petersfield.

Of commercial fertilizers, Peruvian guano is doubtless one of the best—imparting both color and fineness to the leaf.