Commercializing [verb]

Definition of Commercializing:

prepare for saleability

Synonyms of Commercializing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commercializing:

Sentence/Example of Commercializing:

In 1880 he began to commercialize a two-cycle stationary engine.

To thus commercialize pleasure is as monstrous as it is to commercialize art.

We give money prizes for work in our schools and thus strive to commercialize the things of the mind and of the spirit.

There are those, of course, who will commercialize this misconception of education by publishing books of questions and answers.

It remained for this industrial and much-vaunted age systematically to commercialize vice.

It is too myself, like my earlobes and my throat, to commercialize by the day.

Money will not tempt him to commercialize his gaiety and regulate it to meet the morbid demands of the interloper.

The Austrians do not commercialize their pleasure in the hope of wheedling dollars from American pockets.

The thing for you to do is to commercialize yourself right away.

Early efforts to commercialize waterways materialized in 1790.