Commercials [noun]

Definition of Commercials:

full-length television program existing solely to market a product

Synonyms of Commercials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commercials:


Sentence/Example of Commercials:

Another of the firm's commercials suggested the rivetting if iron lasts were used.

Commercials frequent it; although inquiries have not yet discovered what commercial gentlemen sell at Petersfield.

The thread of music switched off and the speaker in the ceiling of the cab began its usual commercials.

But the King's Head does a business with real commercials, and the stranger finds himself—out of his element.

But the public was pretty well toughened up against commercials nowadays.

A recording company whose primary function is the recording of radio and television commercials.

Oh—it was motion picture work primarily centered around television commercials.

Rick did so, but there was only music from a nearby station, interspersed with local commercials.

This satire is launched against the "cutting" commercials of the age.

He watches the commercials with an innocent unjaundiced eye.