Commissary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Commissary:

During the revolutionary war he was commissary-general to the Pennsylvania division, and printer to congress.

Haggard had a long interview with Fanchette, and then he called upon the Commissary of Police.

"'Amadis de Gaule,' by the Seigneur des Essarts, commissary in ordinary to the king's artillery," she replied.

Commissary's inkstand was a coffee-cup without an handle, and his book of entries a quire of dirty writing-paper.

Upon leaving the Commissary, our wheel-barrow was again put in motion, and accompanied us to Dessein's.

On arriving at the inn, the commissary caused the door of the court-yard to be closed, in order to keep back the people.

The imperial commissary shook our hands upon taking leave, and was evidently affected.

The commissary was Herr Von Noe, a gentleman employed in the office of the minister of police.

We remained five days at Feldkirchen, where the commissary did all in his power to keep up our spirits.

That good man was a sergeant of police at Vienna, though now filling the office of valet-de-chambre to the commissary.