Commissioned [verb]

Definition of Commissioned:

authorize or delegate task

Synonyms of Commissioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commissioned:

Sentence/Example of Commissioned:

On Friday, the initial eight members selected at random to be part of the San Diego County Redistricting Commission will meet and select the remaining six members of the commission.

Pelletier announced his resignation last week, citing a change of direction at the commission as his reason for leaving.

They’ll still have the governor’s mansion to push back on any GOP-led changes to the independent commission.

After the commission ordered Google to cease its anticompetitive behavior, Google offered companies such as Foundem the chance to bid for ad space in the Google Shopping bar.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment creating a bipartisan commission to draw congressional and legislative maps.

Eventually they corner him, but Rhino gets the best of Peter, pummeling him until he’s out of commission.

The amendments would allow Virginia to create a bipartisan redistricting commission enshrined in the state constitution, which voters approved Tuesday.

What I would do if I was president, I’d set up a commission to study the most successful health-care systems that are out there.

The local airport commission signed off on the plan in July, agreeing to make the screening mandatory.

He was responding to criticism from both elected officials and activists who’ve been advocating for a surveillance ordinance and privacy advisory commission.