Commissioners [noun]

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The Assistant Commissioner, hand pressed to brow, began to study a document which lay before him.

"Certainly—certainly," said the Assistant Commissioner, waving one large hand in the direction of a bookshelf.

"Certainly—certainly," murmured the Assistant Commissioner, glancing up absently.

He adjusted his neat tie, replaced the mirror, knocked at the door and entered the room of the Assistant Commissioner.

Kerry, who quarrelled with everybody except the Assistant Commissioner, had only found one cause of quarrel with Mary.

The Commissioner of Oaths is a very broad-minded man, and there is literally no limit to what you may swear before him.

Each commissioner held a kind of Court of Inquiry, before which voluntary evidence was taken.

The commissioner of patents must make an examination for the purpose of deciding whether a patent may be granted or allowed.

This examination is made by an examiner, whose decision, however, is not conclusive and may be set aside by the commissioner.

The inventor must apply to the commissioner of patents for letters patent which secure to him his invention.