Commissioning [verb]

Definition of Commissioning:

authorize or delegate task

Synonyms of Commissioning:

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Sentence/Example of Commissioning:

Over half of the claims were in the hotel, food service, health care, administrative support and retail industries, according to the commission.

The goal is to have a commission that is representative of the county’s electorate in many ways, including race, geographic location within the county, political leanings and more.

The commission operates a treatment plant in the South Bay that’s supposed to catch and clean effluent from the Tijuana River as it spills over the border.

On Thursday morning, Christian was placed on injured reserve because of his knee injury, which means he will be out of commission for at least three weeks.

After his unmasking, Moser told the commission that he’d been working for the family of another Republican candidate.

The fact that we’re getting the commission rate we are now means we don’t need to work as hard as before to reach the same level of revenue.

Van Der Boom said affiliate commissions should generate at least $1 million in revenue this year for Flipboard and the company sees a path to exceeding $10 million in a couple years.

On the non-sponsored items, the company will earn affiliate commissions from sales made in the marketplace.

Iowa has an independent redistricting commission, but the state legislature has influence over approving those maps.

Amber Venzon, chief clerk of the commission, said the panel is reviewing all of the Treasury loans to airlines.