Commissions [noun]

Definition of Commissions:

task, duty

Synonyms of Commissions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commissions:


Sentence/Example of Commissions:

Later in the year commissions were issued to try the rioters at Nottingham and Derby.

Listen, Mr. Garford, said Drinkwater desperately, his eyes flashing greedily with the thought of escaping commissions.

Moses quakes before that awful voice out of the midst of the bush, which commissions him to deliver his brethren.

While he was working commissions poured in and Robinson's price rose, the demand for him being greater than the supply.

We have many splendid officers in the service who took the same path to commissions.

Since my arrival here many Spanish medals have been shown me, and some commissions.

Two hundred officers conspired to resign their commissions on the same day.

That all military commissions as well as proceedings of justice run in his Majesty's name.

It was stuck away in a tin box in Andrew's bedroom, along with his commissions in the Navy.

Here were good beds, nourishing food, delicacies from the stores of the Christian and Sanitary Commissions, and kind attention.