Commits [verb]

Definition of Commits:

perform an action

Synonyms of Commits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commits:

Sentence/Example of Commits:

With him they were soon on the intimate terms of shipboard—terms that commit one to nothing in the future when land is reached.

She knew that the man's honor, his respect for his race and their struggle had brought him to commit the sacrifice.

Amongst the prisoners were several provincial governors, one of whom attempted to commit suicide.

If you fight in your boots, we must all do the same, and for myself—well, I have not come here to commit suicide.

But it does not follow that because we neither hate nor blame a criminal we should allow him to commit crime.

As it is an impersonal, artificial thing, a corporation cannot possibly commit a wrong or tort like a natural person.

And he said to me: If thou turn thee again, thou shalt see greater abominations which these commit.

People who are willing to pay are not generally of the class who commit acts of vandalism.

With holy hymns, broken by their sobs, they commit his mutilated body to the grave, where after lifes long toil he sleepeth well.

"If you don't moderate your transports you will commit the unpardonable crime, Reginald, for you will wake the baby," said Lucy.