Committed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Committed:

He had seen the act committed, he felt sure but had made no effort whatever to stop the thief.

They have fought countless bloody wars and have committed countless horrible atrocities in their zeal for Him.

So far, so good; but, in another quarter, Allcraft suddenly discovered that he had committed an egregious blunder.

At the very commencement of the campaign Massna committed a fault which almost ruined his career.

Still, though he had committed great faults, he had shown a surprising ability in extricating himself from their consequences.

We had hardly lost sight of the slaver before one of our own crew had nearly committed suicide.

At a late court, a man and his wife brought cross actions, each charging the other with having committed assault and battery.

The Determinist would say that Bill Sikes had committed a crime, and that he ought to be restrained, and taught better.

These savages committed great depredations on the frontiers, and refused all terms of peace.

He bowed and sat down, white and perspiring at every pore, and hardly knowing to what he had committed himself.