Committee [noun]

Definition of Committee:

group working on project

Synonyms of Committee:

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Sentence/Example of Committee:

The previous terms hadn’t included language on the formation of that committee.

According to a 2016 survey obtained by the committee, 39% of Boeing’s Authorized Representatives, senior engineers who conducted reviews for FAA, at times perceived “undue pressure” on them from management.

Ring refused to give the House committee a copy of the ethics memorandum in the McDonald’s case, but he agreed to let committee staff review it at NLRB headquarters.

By Monday, reactions to the Oracle-TikTok deal—which is subject to final review from a powerful interagency committee called CFIUS—began pouring in.

Halpern was the chair in 2016 of a committee tasked with overseeing the SANDAG transportation program that was the subject of the scandal that eventually remade the agency.

In their statement, the committee members also expressed concerns that a troubling lack of transparency might continue as the foundation moved forward with its review of systemic bias in the award-granting process.

I would say that our committees did look at many different scenarios and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

That’s why organizations have established young patron committees as well as throw fundraising events geared to this audience.

In 2019, my fellow board members and I convened a committee made up of long-term Mission Beach residents who have diverse perspectives and experiences with short-term vacation rentals.

He said details on how lawmakers will address concerns related to the institute, including plans to redirect its budget, would emerge during committee hearings in December.