Committees [noun]

Definition of Committees:

group working on project

Synonyms of Committees:

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Sentence/Example of Committees:

Mr. Grierson was, perhaps, the ablest witness before Parliamentary Committees the railway service ever had, which is saying much.

Mr. Pope greatly admired candour, and indeed I found myself that candour always told with the Committees.

Another committee for the same purpose is also in formation, and the two committees will either amalgamate or work together.

These committees within the various colonies became very active and persuasive.

She was called upon several times by committees sent from the revolutionary tribunal for examination.

Nearly every room was occupied, and the committees were showing great skill in assigning things to the different departments.

Job-finding committees were organized in many sections of the state to stimulate re-employment.

They also frequently met at the committees of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.

I ride on to Public Hall Committee and pass an hour with my committees very heavily.

Various minor relief works, in the ordinary sense of the term, were started by local committees and private persons.