Committing [verb]

Definition of Committing:

perform an action

Synonyms of Committing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Committing:

Sentence/Example of Committing:

To Koch, “that’s just a great data point that people are committed.”

Of the $454 billion pot allotted from the Treasury Department under the Cares Act, only $195 billion has been specifically committed to cover any losses the Fed might take through its programs, including through loans that companies fail to repay.

While Metro has committed to having a “zero-emissions” fleet, it has not announced a timetable.

They’re committed to the communities they’ve made and joined — connections that can outweigh concerns about the company.

So last year, we finally committed to a date and visited for a week.

It just means you’ll have to factor that into your plans and then decide if this is the guy you want to be making plans with, someone who is in no hurry to commit to a life with you.

These isolation conditions are therefore worse than in jails even though people in Otay Mesa are not being held for committing a crime.

It talks about committing a crime … or being negligent in your duties.

Baute said there are many challenges along the way — irregular legislative calendars in some states, building viable business models — but that the organization is committed to rebuilding local news.

The AHA and IBM are organizations that are committed to addressing structural racism and health disparities to help accelerate our health equity efforts.