Commode [noun]

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Houston had raised suddenly, was staring in the direction of an old commode in the corner.

The commode shows as well as anything the marked change which took place in the styles under the Empire.

The ‘commode’ is the wire frame over which the curls are arranged, piled up in high masses over the forehead.

She caught sight of herself in an old mirror, which stood upon a commode.

In 1691 we find advertised in the Livre Commode of Paris a portable coffee-making outfit to fit the pocket.

A fauteuil, four rush-bottomed chairs, and a commode completed the inventory of the furniture.

After about fifteen years the high Commode again came into fashion, but the startling novelty was the hoop-petticoat.

This was called the commode, and was sometimes covered by a lace scarf or veil that streamed down each side of the coiffure.

They have come, and are waiting for you; everything's all right except one commode that they want changed.

Mademoiselle had furnished it with a fairly large iron bedstead, a small table, a night-commode; a dressing-table, and two chairs.