Commodities [noun]

Definition of Commodities:

merchandise, possession

Synonyms of Commodities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Commodities:


Sentence/Example of Commodities:

Shellac was and is an insect commodity, made by the insects.

This commodity was going to flow through their property to distant consumers, while enriching people not just outside the county or state, but outside the country.

Strong Brazilian shipments at a time of weak consumption because of pandemic lockdowns help explain why arabica futures are down 16% this year, more than any other major farm commodity.

The mobile video platform is not exactly a hot commodity considering how it has struggled to attract much positive attention since its April debut.

That our attention is a commodity in the information age is no secret.

Thus among the huge mass of accumulated commodities the simplest wants would go unsatisfied.

The Spanish authorities issued a decree regulating the price of meat and other commodities.

Like the present America, all the world went to Africa, to get a supply of commodities.

Although the demand for agricultural commodities has increased, the output per worker in agriculture has increased more rapidly.

The warm air held the smell of all sorts of commodities; there was a great hum of small transactions, clink of small profits.