Commonality [noun]

Definition of Commonality:

common people

Synonyms of Commonality:

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Sentence/Example of Commonality:

The commonality with all the concept watches is really the message behind them, rather than the product itself.

Finding consensus or commonality could easily cede to an all-or-nothing politics, where parties seize as much power as possible in their short stints of control.

An accomplished home cook steeped in family food traditions, Kriel developed the concept of Kosherati to explore the commonalities of Jewish and Emirati cuisine, she explains.

So, the Authority Hacker team analyzed over one million search results for commonalities in the “how” and “why” of rich snippets.

Another commonality for the “island of misfit toys,” as Phetasy once called them, is a baptism through fire, often after being “canceled” by progressives.

Ferraro and Simorangkir suggest their results may transfer to other parts of Asia, due to commonalities such as the importance of growing rice and market access.

Men may be blind as bats—they usually are; and our Brown is worse than the commonality.

Seignory pierces through sacerdotalism; the commonality, through seignory.

And a death so unlike that usually meted out to criminals, as he himself to the commonality of men.

There is an old proverb of our country—‘Better the head of the commonality than the tail of the gentry.’