Commoners [noun]

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I am a pretty maid, and suitors innumerable, commoners and nobles, pay their addresses and compliments to me.

The aristocrats mingled as equals with the commoners, and the old became young again for yet a few hours.

They consisted of certain lords spiritual and temporal, the chancellor, the treasurer, and a few commoners.

Introductions are absolutely taboo between titled persons and "commoners," as they are sternly called.

The incidental injury to poor commoners was not unnoticed, and became one of the topics of Cobbett's eloquence.

The Ministry, controlled by the Court, ruled by corruption of commoners.

See, said these voices, see these purse-proud commoners who deny their parents!

After them in order came esquires, gentlemen, and commoners.

They were at liberty to pick up what education they could in the intervals of performing menial tasks for the gentlemen commoners.

He had seen his brother fall because the Equites and the senators, the great commoners and the nobles, were combined against him.