Commonplaces [adjective]

Definition of Commonplaces:

usual, everyday

Opposite/Antonyms of Commonplaces:

Sentence/Example of Commonplaces:

Teachers and faculty were experimenting with now commonplace consumer technologies like speech recognition and virtual reality to create immersive learning experiences.

Temperature checks are commonplace in Turkey and many other countries, and are quickly becoming more popular in the US.

Today, gliding is so commonplace, we do not ask ourselves what’s happening when an airplane glides or, for that matter, when a helicopter does.

Such systems may seem commonplace today within e-commerce, but they form the very backbone of digital health companies.

Even after e-commerce became commonplace, many luxury companies remained cautious about jumping into digital sales.

My memory is well stored, but unfortunately I have never kept a diary or commonplace book of any kind.

The little foolish words, so sweetly commonplace, fell like balm upon an open wound.

Behind the commonplace sentences, the hidden wordless Play also drew on towards its Curtain.

Well, under the mask of bonhomie, which made me believe him to be a worthy man, was concealed the most commonplace nature.

Like other commonplace mortals, however, my instincts fight for the only solution of happiness I know anything about.